Initial Impressions: Spring 2014

This season has Captain Earth. Automatically best season I’ve experienced since I returned to anime four seasons ago.

(Kyousougiga’s season could’ve been this, except I somehow neglected to watch Kyousougiga until the season was over and suffered through a completely shit season. Biggest regret.)

Anyway, I’m also planning on watching M3, but since it hasn’t aired yet (wow is this a super late-airing anime or what?) it’s excluded from this list. Might make a separate post for it when it finally airs… or not. Depends. If I don’t make one, just assume it’s turned out to be either really bland or really good. (Because if it was really bad, I would post just to complain about it.)

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Thoughts on Winter 2013/2014, part 2 (InaKon, KLK, NagiAsu, Nobunaga)

Part 2 of what will probably be a four-parter! Yay!

Also, surprisingly, other than InaKon, this post also comprises the shittiest anime (besides Hamatora) of the season. So whoo for getting this over with!

(Reminder that there is a trigger warning for Kill la Kill. Proceed with caution.)

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My Problems with Pacific Rim

So I finally got around to watching Pacific Rim semi-recently, and I was actually incredibly disappointed. I think the major cause of this was the disproportionate amount of praise heaped on it that is still, even now, circulating, mainly to the tune of “great PoC representation!” so I had been hoping for, well, Great PoC Representation.

What no one told me was that the “great PoC representation” bit actually had a corollary, and that was, “for Hollywood.” And even on that count, I wasn’t in the least bit impressed.

But, yeah, let’s talk about why I think Pacific Rim had shit representation. Because it did have shit representation.

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(Quick Notes) Winter 2013/2014

Since it doesn’t seem like I’ll be getting to a short review of these anytime soon, I would just like to say that Samurai Flamenco and Seikai Seifuku were by far my favorite series of this season.

In fact, Samumenco was so absolutely incredible that it has secured a permanent place in my heart. Proof that animes that redeem themselves do exist–and Samumenco does great redemption narratives. (Also, I take back basically everything I’ve ever said about Masayoshi and Gotou’s relationship being fanservice-y/queerbait-y. You are amazing, Manglobe, and I hope you know that.)

Sekai Seifuku was just really fun, and while there was one slightly sour episode, the others were just so entertaining and (occasionally) heartwarming that I couldn’t help but love it. I can’t comment on the ending because I haven’t watched it yet (darn!), but I have faith that it’ll be an incredible finale. Also, take note, this is how you do filters right. Seriously, the aesthetics of this anime was great, and I loved how it complemented the series as a whole. Good stuff.

Thoughts on Winter 2013/2014, part 1 (Buddy Complex, Gin no Saji S2, Hamatora, Hoozuki)

Is this blog going to consist only of initial and final impressions? (At this rate, it looks like yes.)

Anyway, this season was fairly mediocre, though there were a few standout gems that made it a lot better than last season (and only two absolutely terrible new series, actually).

No trigger warnings for this post, though there will be one in another post (for Kill la Kill).

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