[Fanfic Rec List] General

Originally posted to my Tumblr and transposed and edited. Includes fandoms of all varieties, from anime/manga (the majority) to novels and movies.

These fanfics are not ones that I would rec to someone who’s already a fan of the series; these are fics I would rec to those who aren’t. I might or might not make separate rec lists for specific fandoms. Eventually.

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Vocaloid (Japanese Producers) Rec List

This was originally posted on my Tumblr in 2012, and since I spent quite a bit of time on it, I decided to transpose it here.

I haven’t had time to add a lot of new producers to it, so anyone who became active/famous after ’12 will probably be missing. Apologies in advance if some youtube reprints are missing/incorrect — I have not had the time to fix this yet. Will be editing later.

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