[Fanfic Rec List] Harry Potter

This is a more in-depth fanfic rec list than my previous General rec list. Hence, it’ll be operating under a broader criteria.

Fanfics with ‡ next to them are highly recommended.

My favorite character is Snape (as will soon become obvious), and I also like interesting examinations of Tom Riddle’s character, since I feel like Rowling’s explanation for his motivations were severely lacking. My least favorite character is, uh, probably Harry himself, but I tend to separate his personality in fandom from his canon one.

I am a huge fan of consent fic, so I’ll warn for the slightest bit of noncon or dubcon, and I’m a complete sucker for relationship negotiation talk. I also just like fluff and established relationships in general.

I will rec mpreg and A/B/O fics only if they challenge the inherent (hetero)sexism present in both of these tropes. Since I have yet to see that happen, don’t expect to see any mpreg or A/B/O dynamics on this list.

( General, no pairings )

insurgere‡ by Silver Pard, Tom-centric | AU, canon divergence | 6k+complete:
Summary: Hufflepuff is the house of the leftovers, the losers, the forgotten. Well, Tom Riddle thinks, it’s time to change that.
Rec: A “what if Tom Riddle was sorted into Hufflepuff” fic. I love fics that explore what alternative paths Tom Riddle could have taken, and this one delivers beautifully. Wonderful exploration of the fact that it is not only the choices you make that change you but also the circumstances you are in.

The Journey of a Thousand Miles‡ by igrockspock, Snape-lives!AU | 7k | complete:
Summary: After the end of the war, Luna makes two surprising discoveries: her father attempted to give Harry to Lord Voldemort, and Severus Snape is alive.
Rec: It’s rare to see a fic where Snape lives after DH that’s not pairing-focused, and even rarer to see a post-DH!Snape that’s not, well, all white-washed nobility. Or at least somewhat softer than he is in canon. And, hoo boy, is this Snape not soft at all. He is mean and nasty and vicious. And Luna, well, Luna doesn’t take it all in stride. She gets hurt and scared and tired, but she still sticks around in spite of all that. She’s not a manic pixie dream girl here; she’s an actual person, with dreams and wishes and feelings. This fic is very much a fic about Luna, and I can’t even begin to describe how rare that is.

the kids who chose themselves / the family evans‡ by dirgewithoutmusic, canon divergence | ~1k, ~3.5kcomplete:
Summaries: What if Voldemort went after Harry and Neville, and gave no one a chance to die for them? What if both Chosen Ones died as children? / What if, when Petunia Dursley found a little boy on her front doorstep, she took him in? Not into the cupboard under the stairs, not into a twisted childhood of tarnished worth and neglect — what if she took him in?
Rec: Two wonderful, heart-wrenching “what if” fics. The first: what if both Neville and Harry were killed by Voldemort. The second: what if Petunia raised Harry as one of her own. All the other “what if”s by this author are great, but these two are my personal favorites. Moved me to tears – and I don’t cry easily.

( Tom Riddle/Harry Potter )

Don’t Fuck With Florists (They’ll Fuck You Up) by MayMarlow, not epilogue compliant, with time travel | ~14k | complete:
Summary: Unsatisfied with his post-war life, Harry decides to get to the root of all of his problems when that root was still working at Borgin and Burkes shop in the late 40s. He’s the Master of Death, damn it, he can do what he wants for once in his life.
Tom Riddle isn’t particularly happy about working at a small, dingy shop for magical artifacts, no matter how interesting those artifacts are. He’s even less happy when an insufferable stranger sets up the most obnoxious flower shop right across the street.
What follows would be a romantic comedy, if it weren’t for politics.
Rec: If you want short-and-sweet Tom/Harry, here it is! And while there are some talk of politics (mainly Harry trying to convince Tom to run for minister rather than become  a dark lord), this is, at its heart, a romcom. And what a great romcom it is! And if that hasn’t convinced you: There is a talking flower in this one — you definitely don’t want to miss that.

Kisses Cursed‡ by The_Fictionist, Beauty and the Beast!AU | ~50kcomplete:
Summary: Some said he was once a man, cursed, and some that he sold his soul to demons and became one in turn. Others said that such evil as he could never have been human. That he was instead a nightmare, left lingering upon the earth a very long time ago.
Harry just knew it wasn’t safe to walk near the Riddle House after dark.
Warnings: dark themes, slight dubcon
Rec: I always feel slightly guilty when I rec this pairing, but this one’s just such a creative take on a common trope. Tom Riddle as the Beast is beautifully rendered here, and he’s every bit as nasty as you might expect — and every bit as pitiful too. The whole unraveling of the mystery and dissolving of the curse is done brilliantly, with the horror scenes as truly horrific and the ending denouement nerve-wracking.

In Death, Standby by Sophisme, canon divergence | 90k+ | ongoing:
Summary: After the infamous massacre of the Potters, young Harry Potter went missing. It doesn’t really help that years later he turns up again, a bit darker, stranger and more erratic than anyone had hoped for. But Harry hardly cares, since in the end it’s his decision on which side he will fight; Dark, Light or no side at all.
Warnings: child abuse (though neither Harry nor Voldemort seems to see it as such)
Rec: While this says Harry/Voldemort, even after 90k+ words, the fic is nowhere near any ships. Instead, this one’s a splendid “Harry is raised by Voldemort” fic in which neither are caricatures of themselves. Voldemort is as terrible as he is in canon, often dealing corporal punishment if anything goes wrong, but it’s still clear that he trusts Harry probably more than he has ever trusted anyone else in his life. And even as Harry loves Voldemort (as a father figure, at this point), he doesn’t love him blindly and understands what he’s doing is wrong. Also, Snape features fairly prominently in this one, which is (interestingly enough) a rarity for Tom/Harry fics.

October‡ by The Carnivorous Muffin, AU (??) | 90k+ongoing:
Summary: It is not paradox to rewrite history, in the breath of a single moment a universe blooms into existence as another path fades from view, Tom Riddle meets an aberration on the train to Hogwarts and the rest is in flux. AU, time travel, Death!Harry, slash
Rec: This fic is… hard to describe. It is both canon divergent and canon compliant in that Harry has now traveled back to Tom’s time as an otherworldly, immortal being (Master of Death). It changes a lot of things. Tom Riddle is wonderfully, heart-wrenchingly human here. Probably my favorite depiction of an AU!Riddle who didn’t become the dark lord. Along with some of the most intelligent framing of the way classist, anti-muggle, and purist sentiment systemically manifests in the wizarding world. There’s also another pairing later which I have mixed feelings about (but that suits the story’s internal logic) that I won’t spoil here.

The Train to Nowhere by MayMarlow, AU | 270k+ | ongoing:
Summary: In a world where Voldemort’s victory brought forth the golden age of pureblood supremacy, young Harry – an average Durmstrang student – grows surrounded by the same propaganda that has become the gospel truth of the Wizarding World. Injustice is a norm and racism is not only accepted, but actively encouraged. Embracing the status quo becomes harder when Harry finds himself in a train station where the living should not dwell, and a dangerous friend who goes by the name “Tom”.
Warnings: dark themes (fascism! cavalier mentions of murder/torture!)
Rec: While starting off a bit hokey (Harry literally meets Tom out-of-the-blue in the school library!), this fic is actually one of the best AUs I’ve read in which Voldemort wins. It’s clear that the author has drawn from a lot of real-life fascist leaders to shape the world and Tom’s leadership. Lots of OCs run around in this, but they’re actually their own people, with diverse backstories and interesting personalities! There are a few times where it seems that the characters are acting as an author mouthpiece though, especially when they’re talking politics, but it’s never too distracting (and I also tend to agree with what they’re saying, haha). The worldbuilding is also great, and the mystery of why Harry is “special” — in a way completely different from canon — is definitely compelling. Her other ongoing Tom/Harry fic If Them’s the Rules is also interesting, since it’s one of the better “Harry travels back in time and adopts Tom” fics, but it also feels much slower than this one.

( James Potter/Severus Snape )

Apocrypha‡ by xylodemon, canon-compliant  | 12k+ | complete:
Summary: Two can keep a secret, if one of the two is dead.
Warnings: dubcon/consent issues
Rec: Oh, wow, ouch. Really beautifully rendered James/Severus. There are moments when this almost feels like hate!sex, but there’s just so much feeling there that there definitely seems to be more. Also, yeah, it’s canon-compliant, so.

A Soliloquy in Eight Words by Snegurochka, AU | 9k | complete:
Summary: The Prince’s Tale chapter from DH, retold with a twist: “Look at me,” Snape begged, trying with all his strength to block out the sight of those awful green eyes, to focus only on the boy’s messy black hair and the glasses slipping down his nose. In the haze of blood loss, he could almost ignore the scar that marred this boy’s forehead, and the searing eyes that would always remind Snape that he was looking at the wrong face, the wrong boy.
9,000 words. NC-17. AU: the DH backstory between Snape and Lily, except with Snape and James. December 2007.
Rec: I am sad now. This fic has made me sad. I enjoyed this a lot. It has lots of echoes of canon but sets itself apart. And somehow it’s even more heartbreaking to see James reject Severus here than it was to see Lily reject him in the books. Favorite line — “Your side didn’t choose me,” he said before he could stop himself. “We were eleven years old, and I asked to be on your side, and it wouldn’t choose me.”

strike me down‡ by Nygmatech, Smallville!AU | 2kcomplete:
Summary: “If you aren’t a god,” Sev hisses through clenched teeth, the delicate bones of his wrists creaking under James’ grasp, “then what are you?” Superman/Smallville AU
Rec: Absolutely gorgeous. Manages to convey an entirely different universe and relationship in only 2k words. I also ship this ship a lot, and this fic is a great example of why. Requires some small knowledge of Smallville to get the full effect, but that’s easily remedied through a google. Nygmatech’s other James/Severus fic detail of the woods is also magnificent — I highly recommend that one as well.

( Harry Potter/Severus Snape )

An Awkward Customer by AnyaElizabeth, non-epilogue compliant | ~11k | complete:
Summary: Snape can’t figure out why Potter is hanging around his shop.
Rec: Yes, I admit it, I love romantic comedies. And this one’s great! Super fluffy, very sweet, with some great dialogue. Harry here is, well, cute — almost unbearably so. There’s some hints of a darker side here and there, but mostly he’s far more cheerful and good-humored than in most other fics I’ve read. Favorite lines — “Do try not to slip off your roof and die a painful death,” said Snape. / “You sound sarcastic,” said Potter, reaching for the door, “But I know you mean it really.”

The Boy Who Died A Lot‡ by starcrossedgirl, canon, until the epilogue | 70k+complete:
Summary: Harry’s always been known as The Boy Who Lived. Only Severus knows that this is a lie. (Or: a portrait of Severus Snape, in seven acts.)
Rec: I’m honestly always wary when rec’ing this pairing (inherently skewed power dynamics), but this fic, more than a Harry/Severus fic, is a stunning Severus character study that not only enhances the original experience of canon but also provides legitimate explanations for character motivations that canon glosses over. And all the while not giving a free pass to anyone! Severus is not a nice person, and this fic acknowledges that (Snape does legitimately hate Harry at first for trite reasons), but it also makes his harsher actions more sympathetic (constantly having to save The-Boy-Who-Should-Still-Be-Living will make anyone cranky). And Dumbledore here is probably the best Dumbledore I’ve ever read. The author masterfully balances his role as both kind father figure and master manipulator — he has good intentions, but hell is paved with those.

Contemporary Magical Innovations, by H. Granger by kaiz, AU | ~28k | complete:
Summary: The difference between History and What Really Happened.
Rec: Oh, this one’s a fun one! The dynamic between Harry and Severus is great here, and the magic described is unique and innovative. The author also manages to blend the character aspects pretty darn seamlessly with the magical invention aspects, which really impressed me! Even with a relatively interesting plot, it never forgets that it’s a comedy, and some of its moment are intensely funny. Definitely one of those fics that feel shorter than it is — in a good way.

D for Defender by Amand_r, AU | ~30k | complete:
Summary: There’s a man stalking the Wizarding world. Or a bat. Maybe a Man-Bat. Severus is probably having an affair, Harry’s tired all the time, oh, and those drunks out in East Anglia are complaining about the green lights. Again.
Rec: I am a huge fan of established relationship fics, and this one’s a great one. It’s a comedy through and through, and even the resolution of the mystery is kind of absurd (in a good way). I love how Harry says/thinks that Snape’s cheating on him but yet doesn’t seem to take it seriously at all. (And how no one else takes it seriously either, haha.) I also recommend her other Snarry Games fic The (Un)Professional. Favorite lines — “Do we have to take this assignment?” he asked blearily. “And also, please don’t call it ‘Man-Bat’. It’s ludicrous.” / Ginny crossed her arms and leaned on her desk. “Batman, then.” / Harry tutted at Ginny. “We call him that, someone’ll get sued.”

For Auld Lang Syne series by Cybele, canon-compliant | 360k+ | complete:
Summary (of Part I): Severus’ grand plans for a quiet afterlife are thwarted when the last person on Earth he wants to see stumbles in out of the cold.
Rec: Really wonderful long fic. I especially enjoy this one because both Severus and Harry end up having their own lives independent of each other. (There’s Severus/OMC and Harry/OMC in this one. With no infidelity!) And all these original characters are extremely well-written — and likable! This series also has one of my favorite depictions of Ginny, and she’s an honestly perfect friend (and wife) to Harry. David (Severus’s partner) is also super wonderful — probably one of my favorite OCs written in the HP fandom! Definitely recommend if you’re interested in a slow-build Severus/Harry.

Give and It Shall Be Given Unto You by kaiz, AU | 30k+ | complete:
Summary: “Surprises are foolish things. The pleasure is not enhanced, and the inconvenience is often considerable.”
Warnings: rape and torture
Rec: Wow, this fic. What can I say about this fic? It’s told in stunning second-person, extremely well-utilized. It has some great subtle world-building of a post-war era in which Voldemort and his Death Eaters have left an indelible scar on the world. And Severus and Harry’s relationship here is — simply indescribable. Like all of kaiz’s work, it’s also written extremely, extremely well.

Help Wanted: God and Executioner / Position Filled by pir8fancier, post-HBP AU | ~21k, 3k+ | complete:
Summary: The war is raging on and Harry learns that there are no right choices.
Rec: A very nice and imaginative work written pre-DH. I definitely enjoy AUs in which the author incorporates a slowly waging war with mounting casualties — because that’s exactly what war is like, and exactly why DH felt like such a disappointment to me. I like the slow-building trust between Severus and Harry in this one, and the dialogue is excellent.

Lust Potion Number Nine by lesyeuxverts, canon-compliant, except Snape lives | 14k | complete:
Summary: Harry Potter was the last person Severus expected to need this particular potion, but the Ministry’s Propagation and Restoration Emergency Guidelines have them both trapped in lives they don’t particularly want to lead.
Rec: One of those fics which read extremely, extremely well that you don’t realize it’s 14k until you check the wordcount. Very sweet. And I especially enjoyed the relationship progression here. More than the romance, it really seems like this fic is all about building up their friendship, and a mutual liking of each other rather than an all-encompassing love (or lust), which I appreciate.

Möbius by geneticallydead, AU | 15k+ | complete:
Summary: Ten years after the fall of Voldemort, Harry Potter returns to Hogwarts, celebrated as the saviour of the wizarding world. In the history books, Harry Potter stood over the hollow corpse of Lord Voldemort, vibrant and triumphant, and incinerated that withered old body to the depths of hell. The real truth was, Severus Snape killed Voldemort.
Not Harry Potter.
Warnings: some dark/violent imagery
Rec: The premise seems pretty standard for a fic written post-HBP and pre-DH, but this fic went places that I’ve never seen before in the HP fandom (and that I rarely see in others). The slow reveal of the “truth” was done splendidly, with wonderful foreshadowing that seems perfectly visible — in hindsight. The relationship between Harry and Severus is also exquisite here, just on the right side of painful. Her post-DH Snarry fic Yearning is also great and worth checking out.

Seen in Each Other’s Company by EntreNous, non-epilogue compliant | 7.5k | complete:
Summary: Severus Snape will put up with a great deal to receive his Order of Merlin — even attend a seemingly endless series of Ministry galas and dinners in the company of Harry Potter.
Rec: Yes, you got me — this entire rec list is all just an excuse for me to rec lots of romcoms. Like all the other romcoms on this list, this one’s adorable. I love how utterly oblivious Severus is about Harry’s affections. And even as Severus is blind in this one, the descriptions are never lacking — the author (with Severus as narrator) manages to convey an amazing amount of information through sound alone. Favorite lines — “I had just died. For a short while, anyway.” / “Hmm. Madam Pomfrey determined I was dead for at least fifteen minutes.” / Potter made a strangled noise. “We’re not going to compete over who was dead longer, are we?”

Sine Qua Non‡ by dracofiend, non-epilogue compliant | 13k+ | complete:
Summary: He passes a hand over his face and takes a few seconds to silently, pointlessly curse the Dark Lord, himself, and the wretchedness of magic for burdening him with something so fantastic and absurd as true love for Harry Potter.
Rec: Beautifully written. And while the premise that “Severus has been cursed to love Harry” might seem common, the execution is unique and exquisite — the relationship between Severus and Harry believable. Also, some surprisingly poignant revelations about the nature of love. Highly recommend.

When the Rose and the Fire Are One‡ by perverse_idyll, post-HBP AU | 80k+ | complete:
Summary: Harry’s haunted by guilt. Snape’s warded by roses. Each must free the other in order to free himself.
Warnings: slight dubcon (initiated by Harry, not Severus)
Rec: The imagery in this one is stunning. I love the use of roses as both a thing of beauty and a thing that entraps. Harry here is also one of the most in-line with canon I’ve read — as in, he’s an absolute dick at the beginning. But the author somehow even manages to turn that around and make me at least sympathetic to Harry’s plight. Her Snape also reminds me of all the things I love about Snape in canon. And that ending! One of the most satisfying I’ve ever read! This fic is probably my second favorite Snarry, coming in right after The Boy Who Died A Lot.

( Remus Lupin/Severus Snape )

An Ecstasy of Fumbling by westernredcedar, non-magical, post-WWI AU | ~13k | complete:
Summary: Post-WWI, non-magical AU. After eight years together, Remus needs something or someone to shake up his relationship with Severus. In the aftermath of war, how do two people find themselves, and each other, again?
Rec: I’m usually not a huge fan of non-magical AUs, but I always find myself returning to this one because it manages to capture everything I love about their canon relationship. It also contains my favorite trope for this ship — how two men who built their relationship during a time of crisis/war learn to move on after the war is over. Also, while the initial scene might imply infidelity, Severus and Remus have actually established an open relationship prior to the opening scene. Whether this has been properly negotiated however is up for debate.

Here, where the world is quiet by busaikko, post-canon AU | ~6.5k | complete:
Summary: After the war, Severus became head of the Scrimgeour Lycanthrope Academy. His mandate was simple: Provide them with Wolfsbane and daily occupation. Teach them as you see fit. Report any violent outbursts. Keep them away from regular people.
Warnings: mentions of past child abuse, character death
Rec: Beautiful and sad.  The way the children are written is wonderful — they feel like real, actual people who have been through pain. The ending reveal simply adds to the overall poignancy of the atmosphere. Definitely a fic to reread, even as it gets more heart-wrenching each time.

In Recompense by eyeus, post-war | ~15k | complete:
Summary: “To be free of your lycanthropy,” the old witch tells Remus, “you must sacrifice something dear in exchange. And considering the nature of your curse…the dearest.”
Remus never realized it meant Severus.
Warnings: Use of the g-slur for a Romani woman & associated stereotypes (ugh)
Rec: Wonderful and poignant. Starts from an established relationship and moves forward from there. A Snape/Lupin fic written for already established fans of the pairing. Even as the ending is expected, it’s no less powerful or heart-warming because of it. Only snag is the above-mentioned warning which is, well, ugh, even as it’s really mentioned only once.

Match Point (Unforgiven) by Snegurochka, AU | 9k | complete:
Summary: Lupin pays Snape one final visit on the night of Snape’s execution.
Rec: Oh, wow, this is stunning. Wonderful interweaving of the past and present. Chess metaphors. I love the push and pull of Remus and Severus’s relationship here. And even as this was written pre-DH, it definitely feels like it can be an AU written right after it. And that ending — absolutely, brutally heart-wrenching. Favorite line — “I’d do anything you ask, you know that,” replied Lupin at once, his voice soft. “That’s why I’m always so angry with you.”

Mount Unto the Stars‡ by laventadorn, post-DH AU | 100k+ | complete:
Summary: As a child, Remus learned the Christmas season was about miracles. In the Christmas of ’99, the wizarding world could do with one: an untraceable poison is rippling across the nation, sending the magical world into a panic. As an employee in the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes, Remus is caught up in the investigation, but he’s as lost as everyone else… until he has an almost miraculous encounter — with Severus Snape, whom everyone has thought long since dead.
Rec: Absolutely lovely fic. Wonderful relationship progression along with a gripping (and incredibly well-plotted) mystery. No scene goes wasted in this fic, and even with its massive word count, the whole thing is astonishingly readable — I could scarcely stop once I started. Great character voices too — one of the best I’ve read for a young child (Teddy is 18 months old here).

Ulterior Designing by busaikko, post-canon AU | ~8kcomplete:
Summary: While Hermione is making improvements to Remus’ house, Remus is rebuilding his relationship with Severus.
Rec: My favorite genre of fic — unabashed fluff! Also, hilarious. And, yes, I really just enjoy the absolute complete lack of drama. I also really like Remus and Severus’s dynamic here, and they fall into a relationship as if it’s the most natural thing to do. Favorite line — “I think we have been dating, but neither of us noticed.”

( Sirius Black/Severus Snape )

On The Taming Of Wild Creatures by Nehalenia, Marauders-era | 21k+ | complete:
Summary: From the prompt — Marauder Era – Severus/Sirius’ first time, supergraphic please! No hatesex.
Warnings: voyeurism in the first bit
Rec: Oh, this is great! I like this pairing, but I’m not a fan of hate!sex unless in very, very specific situations, so it’s absolutely wonderful to see such a nice long fic that’s actually full of consensual sex with lots of feelings involved. The “taming” metaphors made me side-eye this a bit, but it’s clear by the end that Sirius is genuinely in love with Severus, so I can let it slide. There are two sequels to this (Childish Things, which is noncon James/Severus, and Not the Same At All, which is consensual Sirius/Severus). Neither of them are really required reading (this fic is very much standalone), but they are interesting — and are part of a larger epic that the author has yet to finish.

Repechage / Misericorde by FabulaRasa, AU | 31k, 38k | complete:
Summary: This is the prequel to Misericorde. Though it comes earlier in the timeline of that particular universe, the stories may be read in any order. (The title is a fencing term, and refers to the kind of tournament in which a player, after being eliminated in an early round, can continue to play through the bottom of the roster and end up with a chance to compete in the final round.) / Snape teaches Harry to duel, with disastrous consequences. (Note: The title is a fencing term, and means the mercy stroke, or death blow; also, by extension, the shortened dagger used to deliver it.)
Warnings: rape as backstory, rape (and acknowledged as such) in the latter
Rec: If you’re a fan of Sirius/Severus, you’ve probably already heard of FabulaRasa who’s one of the most prolific writers of the ship. These two are probably my favorites of her work, though I also enjoyed Rats’ Alley and Stone Cold Sober in varying degrees. I like the slow-ish build of the relationship in Repechage, and I enjoyed seeing the two completely comfortable with each other in Misericorde. The only issues are that Ron tends to be completely absent from her fics, that she uses rape-as-backstory a bit too much for my liking, and that queerness is not only accepted in her Wizarding World but also normalized (which I feel is an enormous distortion of canon and gives Rowling too much credit, despite Rowling’s terrible track record of queer erasure — but yeah this is just a personal pet peeve).

Second Life by nwhiker and Cassandra7, canon-compliant, except Sirius and Severus lives | 50k+ | complete:
Summary: What happens when two men are given a second chance.
Rec: Oh, this fic is just lovely. About a burgeoning friendship between Sirius and Severus post-war that slowly leads to love. They might not be the Sirius and Severus familiar from canon itself, but they are recognizable forms of them as derived from a post-canon world, tempered by age and regret and loss.

Walking the Monochrome by emilywaters1976, canon divergence | 24k | complete:
Summary: That’s what being a dog is like – it’s like you’re walking the very edge of the world, where almost all colour has run out, and you know that should you miss a step, you’ll fall off that edge… Then again, you already know all about it. The edge and the falling.” AU of the first war.
Warnings: brief descriptions of torture
Rec: This one says Sirius/Severus, but it’s actually so pre-slash that it can be read as pure friendship (unfortunately). Still has one of the best Sirius and Severus dynamics I’ve ever read, though. Even as Severus is in a coma for two-thirds of this story. Sirius is likable here in a way (I felt) he never was in canon. Favorite line(s) — “It’s like you’re one of the Marauders now. A horrible thought, isn’t it? Quick, Snape, wake up and tell me off, tell me how repulsive the idea is to you, how you can’t stand the thought. Come on. Wake up now, here’s your chance to bow out of it.” Sirius’ hand touched Snape’s shoulder. “Too late. By the power vested in me by the great woodland of Canada, by the mighty winds of Haida, and by the power of my own stupidity I dub thee Marauder, for all eternity. And it’s your own bloody fault.”

( Ron Weasley/Draco Malfoy )

Life By Numbers by EntreNous, canon-compliant | ~5k | complete:
Summary: Maybe Ron didn’t expect to find Draco Malfoy at Teddy Lupin’s engagement party, but he really didn’t expect to get recruited for Malfoy’s latest pet project.
Rec: I should just hang a, “inordinately fond of romantic comedies” signboard over this whole rec list. Because, wow, is this a prime romantic comedy oneshot or what? Oblivious!Ron and oblivious!Draco gravitating towards one another with the excuse of maths. It’s adorable.

Recipes for the Lost and Lonely by phresine, canon-compliant | ~20k | complete:
Summary: Draco can bake cheesecakes to cheer you up, and cream puffs to calm you down, but has yet to bake a cake that can ward against loneliness. Ron stocks Foe-Glasses to tell you when your enemies are behind you, and Sneakoscopes for when those who would wish you ill are near, but nothing that can show you a person’s true self.
Rec: OK, this is adorable. I like how unconventional Draco’s job is. And I especially like the inclusion of both Scorpius and Rose (+ Hugo) as major actors. They actually feel like real people here, instead of plot devices. Don’t know what else to say about this other than that it’s sweet, and that the progression of Ron and Draco’s relationship feels natural.

The Pizzaria: A Sordid Tale of Destiny, Evil and Garlic by Mad_Maulin, post-canon AU | 35k+ | complete:
Summary: Ron bites off more than he can chew when he agrees to help Draco Malfoy and Blaise Zabini open an Italian restaurant. Can anything make it worth the headaches?
Rec: Oh, this fic. THIS FIC. Rare is the fic I find funny. Even rarer is the fic that’ll make me laugh out loud. And this fic is one of the rare few that has me almost bust a gut from how hilarious it is. And it’s, somehow, not crack-y at all! …OK, maybe it’s a little cracky. But still. What an incredibly satisfying fic. Mostly pre-slash until the end.  One of many (many, many) good lines — Malfoy turned to Zabini. ‘Blaise, if I attempted to lend you money in some spirit of friendship, camaraderie or general altruism, what would you do?’ / ‘Restrain you until the curse wore off,’ Zabini answered promptly.

( Percy-centric, both slash and gen )

blood will tell but often it tells too much by elumish, gen | post-canon, DH-compliant | ~2.5k | complete:
Summary: They don’t talk about what Percy did during the war.
Rec: This one’s a short one, but it has my favorite depiction of what Percy did during the war. Just a really great characterization of Percy overall. I just really, really wanted to give him a hug at the end.

Price of Wisdom by james and Mad Poetess, Percy/Various | AU-ish | 34k | complete:
Summary: Percy has a very personal secret. What happens when he has to reveal it to save his brother?
Rec: What a lovely fic! A Percy-works-at-a-sex-club fic that’s really not about the sex club and more about Percy. (Bonus points for not vilifying sex work!) It seems like a dramatic premise at first, but it’s actually a very down-to-earth portrayal of a Percy who clearly values his family but doesn’t know how to relate to them (and vice versa). I love how easily the actual dramatic situation is resolved — and the ending definitely made me smile. Oh, Percy. :’) Note, also, that this isn’t smut and there’s actually very minimal descriptions of Percy’s sex work. It’s really a fic all about Percy himself, not about what he does.

Sexetera, Ad infinitum by nqdonne, Percy/Various, Percy/Harry | post-canon AU | 11.6k | complete:
Summary: There’s loving routine, and there’s being stuck repeating the same one over and over for eternity. A Groundhog Day pastiche, starring Percy Weasley.
Warnings: one moment of incest, some drunk sex-ing going on, mentions of suicide attempts early on
Rec: In other words, the fic in which Percy has sex with basically every other mentioned male character in the entire HP series. Super smutty, and a concept that feels like it should be more PWP than it actually is. Lots of great Percy moments in this one, and one of the truest Percys I’ve ever read. Favorite lines — He had, of course, made [a list], and having learned the lesson that nothing created after the time loop began could be carried over to the next day, he committed it to memory. It was both in alphabetical order and colour-coded according to age, location and profession. There were particular symbols for straight-but-curious, flamingly gay, bi-sexual, bi-curious and ‘easily persuaded to accept a blow job if drunk.’

Symptoms of Family by zeitgeistic, Percy/Remus | post-canon AU | ~14.8k | complete:
Summary: Percy hates Tuesdays; he just doesn’t realise it. Inspired by apples, breathing, curry and bookshops.
Rec: Yet another lovely Percy fic, this one primarily centered on Percy’s relationship (and eventual reconciliation) with his family. Also has some absolutely fantastic and low-key hilarious lines. And some absolutely heart-wrenching ones — “Your father was just inviting me over for dinner on Sunday,” Professor Lupin said. “I hope to see you there.” / Arthur Weasley looked expectantly at his son. Is there anyone who isn’t a Weasley these days? Percy thought. But he was a Weatherby.

( Sirius Black/Severus Snape/Remus Lupin )

Crossing the World, as Friends do the Seas by 7iris, mid-canon, probably takes place during HBP | 3k | complete:
Summary: Every time, beneath the pain, he felt Voldemort’s power tapping at his defenses, trying to crack his mind open and dig out his secrets.
Rec: There’s actually no threesome moment in this one, each side of the triangle interacts separately, but it’s just such a perfect depiction of each relationship. Remus/Sirius probably gets the least “screentime” because it’s the most inherently convincing, but the Remus/Severus and Severus/Sirius moments are absolutely excellent. You can really feel the love and affection each person has for the other two, even if that love/affection manifests in a different way depending on the person.

No Life at All by emilywaters1976, pre-canon AU | 17k | complete:
Summary: “The human is always ravenous. Nothing is ever enough….” AU of the first war. Severus joined the Order of the Phoenix, Voldemort was defeated. But those who survived didn’t emerge from the war unscathed. Friendships were broken, lovers became strangers to each other. And it all started with Snape, naturally.
Warnings: mentions of torture, rape/sexual assault, etc.
Rec: Oh, this one was a doozy. I have a few issues with it — namely that Sirius is a big jerk for a lot of it, and I didn’t really feel that there was a cathartic enough ending to the whole thing after all the internal pain that Severus must’ve been through. But, overall, I enjoyed this a lot because it’s hard to find a long, plotty-ish fic about this threesome that really feels like a threesome, y’know? I like the slow reveal of details too; it was very deftly done.

Vivify by lightgetsin, post-canon AU | ~24.5k | complete:
Summary: Sirius Black is alive, and Harry Potter is missing.
Rec: I’m not usually a fan of Sirius/Remus, and doubly so if Sirius is the narrator, but this fic manages to completely win me over. Sirius’s voice is pitch-perfect here — real enough that I ended up sympathizing with his disaffection and worries about his own place in the world. Also, for a fic that starts out predominantly Sirius/Remus, there’s a lot of Severus who takes a pretty large role in the background mystery (finding Harry) portion of the fic. And with Severus hanging about so much, the eventual threesome feels like a natural and inevitable conclusion. Also, since Sirius is the narrator, the Sirius/Severus moments felt absolutely believable (which is always the fear in these threesome fics, I find).

( Pairings, other )

A Prelude to Valour‡ by Nimori, Sirius/Severus, Sirius/Severus/Harry, slight Sirius/James | AU | 18k | complete:
Summary: Snape saves Harry from the Dursleys. Harry doesn’t want saving.
Warnings: one (brief) description of torture
Rec: Never did I think I wanted a James-Potter-as-Dark-Lord!AU until I read this fic. A fantastic hint at a larger universe — and definitely a fic which made me want more (it really is just a “prelude”). So many great reimaginings of characters here — actually nice-to-Harry!Dursleys, morally-bankrupt!James, questionable-loyalties!Lucius, and many more — all the while still seeming somehow, implausibly close to canon. And can I just say how much I love Sirius and Severus’s dynamic in this one? It’s one I wish could be replicated in other Sirius/Severus fic — because wow. It’s pitch perfect.

Houses by canary, James Sirius/Scorpius | next-gen | 50k+ | complete:
Summary: Scorpius Malfoy goes away to school.
Rec: Do you ever get that feeling, when you’re reading the beginning of a fic, that this fic is going to be good? That’s how the beginning of Houses, as innocuous as it was, made me feel — and the feeling was right. The character voices are absolutely excellent, and each person feels like a fully formed human being, flaws and all. The fic centers predominantly on Scorpius’s fourth year and his burgeoning relationship with James (who is probably the best-written bully I’ve ever read). Nothing particularly “exciting” happens, but the writing makes me so invested in Scorpius and his relationships (with Albus, with James, with his family) that every single word feels earned. More than a good fic, this is a really, really well-written novella. There’s also a 10k follow-up called Games about the summer following Scorpius’s fourth year. But, really, I want a bajillion more stories in this ‘verse.

In Through the Out Door by fleshdress and themostpotente, (onesided) Regulus/Severus, background Severus/Lucius | pre-canon | 5k | complete:
Summary: Regulus becomes hopelessly addicted to Felix Felicis in order to gain Snape’s affections.
Warnings: drug abuse, character death
Rec: Wow, this is haunting and sad. Regulus is hopelessly, obsessively in love with Snape. And while Snape takes care of Regulus, he doesn’t return the affections. I enjoyed this a lot particularly because Regulus is so different from how he’s commonly depicted in fanfic. His moment of self-sacrifice is almost an afterthought here, as if it’s a natural conclusion of his desperation rather than any righteous feeling on his part. Recommended, if you want something sad to mull over.

Let Perpetual Light‡ by tehtarik, Albus/Gellert | pre-canon | ~60k | complete:
Summary: In the village of Godric’s Hollow, the Dumbledore family is falling apart. Kendra Dumbledore is dead under mysterious circumstances, and Albus is the unwilling guardian to his wayward brother Aberforth, and Ariana, their mad sister in the attic. But everything changes with the arrival of Gellert Grindelwald, violently charming juvenile delinquent with an obsession for the fabled Deathly Hallows.
Rec: So perfect I cannot even begin to describe. The author writes all four characters with such compassion and humanity — probably my favorite renditions of these characters to date. In particular, Ariana is actually written as a fully formed human being, and she becomes the pivotal actor in the plot. They also rewrite the mythos behind the Deathly Hallows, and it is incredible. Seriously, I cannot recommend this fic enough: go read it.


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