Links Roundup: Moonlight, reviews and analysis and interviews

Since doing a links roundup for Get Out and learning so much from it, I decided to do one for Moonlight too. It’s such a singularly beautiful and incredible film that gets better with each rewatch. I feel like there’s so much there that I’m unable to articulate, so I’m going to look for other people to do it for me!

There will, obviously, be spoilers for Moonlight. If you have not watched it, you definitely should.

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Links Roundup: Get Out, reviews and analysis

I watched Get Out with two good friends (one fellow Chinese American, another Japanese American) recently, and we all loved it. It’s such an incredibly smart and well-crafted movie, and as it’s full of so much to unpack, I thought it deserved its own links roundup of reviews/analysis.

Be forewarned. This post will have copious spoilers.

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