Most Relatable Vocaloid Songs

Kind of a rec list, but also kind of not. A list of Vocaloid songs that I listen when I want to feel not so alone. Or: if I wanted to compose a fanmix about myself, which songs I would include in it.

(Someday this blog will be something other than lists. Today is not that day.)

Start Line – Yabuinu ft. Hatsune Miku

It’s all THEIR fault I’m bad.
Heck, this whole town is at fault!
On top of that, this era, too!
And while we’re at it, screw the weather!

The first Vocaloid song that ever made me go, “Wow, that’s so me!” It’s a very middle school (or early high school) song, featuring a bratty yet endearing protagonist. The “world domination” bit still gets to me every time.

Take it easy!!! – Kyouinu ft. Hatsune Miku

I don’t have enough clothes.
I don’t have enough food.
I don’t have enough sleep.
It’s all like that, all like that.

Another oldie but a goodie. This time, when I first heard this (in early high school), I thought it was catchy, but didn’t really “get it”. Now, as a college graduate, I totally get it.

The Lost One’s Weeping – Neru ft. Kagamine Rin

Can you recite the area ratio formula?
Can you recite your dreams as a child?
Who threw those dreams down the drain,
hey, who was it?

[cw: some suicide ideation] Probably one of the most famous relatable Vocaloid songs. Hit me very hard when I first listened to it. The PV indicates a high schooler, but even in college, I had moments when I felt just like this song describes.

Once Upon a Me – DECO*27 ft. Hatsune Miku

Tears stream down your face,
and drowning in a sea of them,
you splash and flail.
So for you, I’ll chant the magic words:
a buoy for the heart, an “it’s all right”.

My go-to cheer-up song. Super relatable, yet optimistic despite that. It’s all about making mistakes and getting up again despite those mistakes with the help of everyone around you. (It’s also amazing to me that it’s been seven years since this song was first uploaded. Oh, how time flies.)

Laying Down in the Center of Tokyo – 40mP ft. Hatsune Miku

Swallowed by the roar of the city,
your words were cut off.
As for those important things,
not a single one ever gets through.

A very “adult” song about being overwhelmed with the monotonous everyday, and feeling the most lonely when you’re in a crowd of strangers. Also hopeful only as 40mP can be about the saving power of human connection and love.

Whatever whatever whatever – Neru & z’5 ft. Kagamine Rin & Len

I hate my laziness for wasting the past few years crawling on all fours,
but again I’m still lying on my bed.
“I wasn’t doing well recently, but I can do better if I try,”
How many times have I been saying this?

[cw: some suicide ideation] OK, 2013 (The Lost One’s Weeping) vs. 2017 (Whatever whatever whatever) Neru — spot the difference! But, joke’s aside, speaking as someone who has grown up with Neru in the Vocaloid fanbase (so to speak), I feel like this is a very natural progression. I don’t think I could’ve related to this song back in 2013, but I definitely do now.

Double Lariat – AgoanikiP ft. Megurine Luka

Just spinning was fun enough I could’ve gone on forever
But I spun so long I forgot how to stop
Everyone else spun better than me
Oh well, I sighed and pretended not to care

A song about trying and trying and trying again, no matter how much you fail. There’s several different PVs of this song, but this one’s my favorite, because I also am terrible at cooking.

Track – KEI ft. Megurine Luka

Continuously changing little by little, little by little,
even if we challenge it and get defeated so, so many times,
then so that tomorrow can seem just a tiny, tiny bit better,
we’re still drawing our very own track.

KEI is such a master at making relatable, feel-good songs that I was hard-pressed about which one to choose. In the end, I chose this one because of the stellar PV made by Popurika and Kagame. I also highly recommend Moratorian too, which is all about that difficult period between “child” and “adult”.

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