[Short Reviews] Documentaries

Since I’ve been watching a string of documentaries lately, thought I might as well compile a list here to remind myself of what was good and what was utter shit. Separated nebulously by category. All are available in the U.S. on either Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu, at the moment I’m posting this.

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My Problems with Pacific Rim

So I finally got around to watching Pacific Rim semi-recently, and I was actually incredibly disappointed. I think the major cause of this was the disproportionate amount of praise heaped on it that is still, even now, circulating, mainly to the tune of “great PoC representation!” so I had been hoping for, well, Great PoC Representation.

What no one told me was that the “great PoC representation” bit actually had a corollary, and that was, “for Hollywood.” And even on that count, I wasn’t in the least bit impressed.

But, yeah, let’s talk about why I think Pacific Rim had shit representation. Because it did have shit representation.

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