2016 Presidential Election: Is Johnson a “spoiler”? (Trump-edition)

Yes, I know it’s a bit inaccurate to see if Johnson spoiled Trump, considering that Trump actually won. But seeing how Johnson has a pretty solid conservative base, I wanted to see how possible it was that Johnson actually helped Clinton to victory more than he hurt her.

So, yes, let’s look at the blue states.

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2016 Presidential Elections: Were Johnson and Stein “spoilers”?

The impassioned outcry against third party voters that has arisen because of the recent Trump vote has prompted me, a third party (Green Party) voter to run some numbers to check the validity of the idea that we “spoiled” the elections.

Yes, I am biased. So take these results as you will. I will be running them primarily off CNN’s reporting of exit poll surveys, which may or may not be biased in their own right.

I will also┬ábe doing only red states for obvious reasons. And I am running on a number of assumptions. I am aware of them, but since this entire outcry against third party voters has also been based on assumptions… Well, at least mine has neat numbers.

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